Reasons Nigerian Women Are Not Using Female Condoms

Reasons Nigerian Women Are Not Using Female Condoms...

Guy's have you been wondering why most Nigerian women don't like female condom?
A lady the order day she don't feel safe with it.
Another Lady said it's like it's ganna enter inside her.

During an event commemorating early this year, Tagged Global Female Condom Day 2015 in Abuja, The programme and Communication Officer, Education As a Vaccine (EAV), Ms. Marian Patrick ‎explained reasons many women do not use the female condom.

According to her;
Most people don’t use female condoms because they find it not accessible and not affordable, they don’t have a choice, meaning that there is no diversification of brands unlike the male condoms where you can get several brands, for female condoms we don’t have brands‎.

‎She added that The problem of accessibility in female condoms push their lack on interest, when a lady wants a female condom and she gets to primary health centre or a pharmacy, what she gets is FC2, and some people want varieties, so they prefer having other brands as a choice, and not having those brands is discouraging them to look for female condoms knowing fully well that they can’t assess their own choice.

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