Terrified Villagers Take Cover on Their Roofs, Balconies as a Rampaging Lion Slaughters Cow, Stalks the Streets (Photos)

Terrified onlookers in a local village have been seen perching on balconies and walls looking at the street after a rampaging lion mauled a cow and maraud the streets. 
The lion looks nonchalantly as curious locals took cover on their roofs, balconies and walls
The residents of Virpur-Gadhia village in the Amreli district in India have been pictured watching in disbelief as a rampaging lion stalked the narrow streets and killed a cow in broad daylight. 
According to a shocking report by Dailymail, in a footage caught by one scared local from a first floor window which has since gone viral online, the huge mammal was seen parading around the streets, with the bloodied corpse of the cow laying lifelessly at the side of the road.
The hungry lioness parading the narrow village streets with a blood stained face
Screams were heard in the video footage as onlookers worry about what the beast could do next as it reverses on itself and walks up the street which is aligned with people either on balconies or siting precariously on low walls.
But the lioness decides she has had enough drama for the day and walks off back into the forest. But villagers have revealed that wasn't the end of the incident.
She returned later after night fell at around 7pm to finish off the leftovers from her meal.

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