Veteran Nigerian Actor, Segun Arinze Seen with Fresh Human Head (Photo)

Foremost Nigerian actor, Segun Arinze who freely shuttles between the English and the Yoruba sides is currently on the set of an action-packed movie in the South-south part of Nigeria. 
Segun Arinze gleefully posing with the artificial head
The act of make-belief in the Nigerian movie industry has progressed tremendously with make-up artists spicing up their trade with a high level of professionalism which was absent in the past.
Their progressing artistry has been displayed in the making of a movie titled 'The Broken Sceptre' which is currently being shot in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State alongside other top Nollywood acts.
Segun Arinze who is actively on the set of the movie posed with an artificial 'human head' prepared for a beheading scene in the upcoming movie.
The picture has gone viral and Nigerians are anticipating to see the work.

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