Drama as Popular Prophet Clashes with Comemrcial S*x Workers, Drives Away Their Customers (Photos)

A local church leader and prophet of Life Giving Spirit International Ministries, is headed for a clash with commercial s*x workers who accuse him of disrupting their business. 
Prophet Mashavave (Photo: H-metro)
A Zimbabwean Church leader identified as Prophet Mashavave, of Life Giving Spirit International Ministries, has reportedly clashed with comemrcial s*x workers at Tobacco Sales Floors area of the country and gave some men refuge at his church close to the area where the hookers used to make a living by offering s*x services.
H-Metro reported that some prostitutes are now threatening to demonstrate at his church as they allege that the prophet was getting them out of business.
While speaking with a correspondent, a source to the hookers, said; “The prophet is counselling farmers to invest wisely and shun prostitution. A number of farmers confessed that each time they sold their crop they would be fleeced by these ladies but this time it is a different case.
"Some ladies would steal from them but now they will be in church and the ladies are not happy that their clients are being taken by the prophet.” 
The pastor praying for a man
Prophet Mashavave said they will not be moved and will continue with their ministerial work, helping and delivering farmers who have reportedly received financial breakthrough through prayers from the man of cloth.
“We will not stop the work we were sent to do. This is deliverance at play. A number of farmers have received financial breakthrough, they are getting good prices unlike before,” he said.

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