How 56-year-old Man Had S*x With a Cow and Forced a Boy to Do the Same

A man has been dragged to face the full wrath of the law after he was found out to have committed really grievous crimes. 

Allan Kenneth Brookes, a 56-year-old dairy farmer whose "appalling" s*x crimes included making a boy commit a s*x act with a calf has been jailed for a minimum of seven years.
According to The Associated Press, Allan Kenneth Brookes fell to the floor after appearing to collapse in the dock when Judge Chris Craigie read details of the bestiality in the NSW District Court, England on Monday.
"Get up," a man yelled from the public gallery, where a large group of the victim's supporters sat, before the 56-year-old rose and took his seat.
The court heard Brookes, a diagnosed pedophile who has previously been jailed, used his age and position of authority to groom the boy and commit multiple indecent and s*xual assaults on him over two years in rural NSW.
The acts included groping the boy, showering with him, making the boy shave Brookes' body hair, forcing him into oral sex and brutally raping him in a paddock, Judge Craigie said.
The victim was also made to commit a s*x act with a calf at a feeding pen and, on another occasion, forced to watch while Brookes had s^x with a cow.
At one point during this act Brookes "put his arm around the victim to pull him closer", Judge Craigie said.
He labelled the crimes "quite grave and evil" and an "appalling catalogue of protracted offending".
"The victim was ... a vulnerable young person who had the great misfortune to be exposed to the offender's proclivities," the judge said.
Brookes was last year convicted of 18 charges, including bestiality, two counts of rape, and multiple sexual and indecent assaults.
He was found guilty of 17 charges following a trial and subsequently pleaded guilty to the bestiality charge.
The victim, now an adult, told a previous sentence hearing that colleagues had made fun of him with "mooing" noises.
He said Brookes had destroyed his life, wrecked his relationships and pushed him into alcohol addiction.
Judge Craigie acknowledged the abuse was "seared in his (the victim's) memory in a way that has been particularly harmful".
Brookes, he noted, appeared unrepentant and had little prospect of rehabilitation.
"The offender has shown no contrition, no insight and no remorse," the judge said.
Brookes was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years and six months' prison.
With time already served, he will be eligible for parole in 2023.

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