Husband Shocked After Returning Home Only to Find N*ked Man Hiding Inside His Wife's Wardrobe

A man has been given the shock of his life after coming back home only to find another man hiding in his wife's wardrobe. 
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Akim Ncube, a kenyan man from a village in Hope Fountain on the outskirts of Bulawayo has been beaten up really bad while he was still n*ked by his lover’s husband after he found him hiding in the wardrobe.
According to B Metro, Akim Ncube who was having s*x with Thulani Ngwenya‘s wife only identified as NaEggy sought refuge in the wardrobe after Ngwenya returned home unexpectedly.
Ncube who was reportedly suffering from flu, let a couple of coughs slip while crammed in the wardrobe thus blowing his cover.
Realizing that he had sold himself out by coughing. Ncube who was still in his birthday suit reportedly bolted out of the wardrobe and tried to make a good his escape. He however failed to do so since the door was locked.
A visibly angry Ngwenya reportedly thrashed him before he screamed for help thereby attracting the attention of neighbors who timely came and rescued him from the blood-thirsty Ngwenya.
Ncube was shamed for his actions.
B-Metro reports that on Thursday at around 11pm, Ngwenya who works as a gardener in Waterford returned home unexpectedly and knocked on the door while the two were engaged in a steamy s*x session.
It is reported that Ngwenya became suspicious after his wife took long to respond to his knock.
“Sensing danger NaEggy sprang off from the bed and put on some clothes and headed towards the door. On getting into the house, Ngwenya sensed that something was wrong as his wife was huffing and puffing as he was still trying to ascertain what could be wrong Ncube who had sought refuge in the wardrobe coughed,” said the source who requested anonymity.
The source said sensing danger, Ncube immediately came out and met his fate before making good his escape. The source added that after the incident NaEggy was also sent packing contacted for comment Ngwenya refused to pen up saying he didn’t want his marital disputes to be published in the press.
Ngwenya’s wife and her alleged lover Ncube were however, not available for comment by the time of going to print as their mobile phones were not reachable.

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