Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher - Episode 2

Over the weekend, I had a fresh hair cut, a fresh perfume, a
new 3 packs of shirt all ahead of my new job. I relocated to
my own apartment in akure where I used to live before I left
for service.
Finally, its monday, I went straight to my new job at 10am.
“Ko ko ko”, I knocked on the gate, the gate-man opened,
looked at me. He recognize me. Madam no dey around,
“he replied” but madam say make aunty janet attend to you,
aunty janet dey inside. I entered into the compound. Knock
on the main door. “Ko ko ko”. Who is that?, a voice
answered from inside.
Its me onihaxy, I replied. She opened the door and stood at
the entrance. **Chaiiiiii, janet was wearing a black
round neck top, the Tips were pointing out, I guess she isn’t
wearing a bra, she wore a micro mini skirt, she has an
average height with a yam leg*******
JANET: ****i guess she can’t recognize seeing me days
back, well its normal sha, girls don’t recollect seeing guys
but guy can always recollect seeing a lady at 12
midnight.****,who are u looking for?
ME: I am the new lesson teacher. Mummy told me to
resume today.
JANET:, ****still not smiling**** really?, come in and have
your seat……. Sikira!!!!!!!, where is this silly girl?, she
screamed. **i thought in mind, this girl must be mean, see
the wey she dey scream on this poor girl.**** sikira came
out, she saw me sitting, she smiled at me and said “Hello
sir”, I smiled back and said “hi”. Janet frowned at her and
shouted at her, “pick this cup and get out of here, “. Sikira
left and janet turned to me. I looked at her again and can’t
believe she is 19. Her body shape looks 24. She is robust
like “akebaje”. She sat down on the other chair, she smiled
a little.
JANET: I’m sorry pls, that is just lazy, if I don’t shout at her,
she will never work. So what is your name again?
ME: onihaxy
JANET: ok, mummy already informed I and my brother that
you will be coming around to tutor us. So let’s talk
ME: ok
JANET: I hope you will tutor well because you will be the 4th
teacher to be employed this year, they all are not good at
teaching, and when I notice that you are not good, I will
report you to mum and you will be fired.
ME: **my heart skip beats****, I am a good and born
teacher, I will try my best.
JANET: better. So let’s discuss the time table. Mummy said
5 times a week but I want it 3 or 4 times. And mummy must
not know about this. Understood?
ME: ****no wonder you no pass jamb, lazy girl****. Ok, I
JANET: so what time and day will be ok for you?
ME: any day and time you fix is ok
JANET: anyday and time?. I thought you teach at a school?
Or don’t you work elsewhere?
ME: ***chaiiiiiiii, this girl is rude oooo, see as she dey
question me****, I used to teach when I served. I just
passed out and still job hunting.
JANET: *raised eye brow* so you are a graduate?, you have
served?, waaooooooh, I was thinking you are an
NCE holder or school cert. That is interesting. She smiled.
ME: ***chaiii, see as my small stature dey embarrass
me****. So what time will u prefer?
JANET: monday, Wednesday, friday and saturday. You will
come at 2pm, teach me till 4pm when gideon will be back
from school. Then start with gideon from 4:30 to 6pm. Is
that ok by you.
ME: its ok. So can we start today?.
JANET: no problem, will you wait behind? Or come back by
ME: **thought***, I think I will come back. But where is
JANET: don’t you know she will be at work? She is a banker
and won’t be back untill 6:30pm or 7pm.
ME: **chaiii, this girl is naturally rude***, ok janet, I will be
by 2pm.
JANET: wait, let me have your number just incase.
”Sikara!!!!!!!!!!!, bring my phone for me on my bed” she
Sikira came with the phone. Janet collected it from sikira
while sikira is still standing there. She smiled at me
JANET: call your number
ME: 0806323********
JANET: saved, ****she flashed my number*******
ME: I got it, let me be on my way, I will be back
by 2pm. She returned the phone to sikira to return, I left the
compound, walked out to the gate. Just as I was outsited
the gate, my phone ranged. I looked at the screen, it was an
number. I picked
ME: hello, who is this?
CALLER: its me sikirat, that is my number, save it. I will call
you later, bye.***hanged up****
I got home wondering, what does sikirat wants from me?.
She must have memorised my number while I was
calling it to janet.
**fast forward***. Its 1:30pm, I left my house and set out
for my lesson job.

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