Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher - Episode 3

Its 1:30pm, I left my house and set out for my lesson job. I
arrived at the white house, knocked on the gate and the
gateman ushered me in.
I went straight to the main door entrance. A heavy sound of.
“I fit die ontop your matter” was coming out of the room
that no one could hear me knocking. Then I remembered I
have janet’s number. I called her and no one picked. I called
sikirat that I’m outside,. A minute later, the door was
opened. I entered and met janet on a pink top and a bump
short. She was sweating, then I guess she must have been
ME: hi jane, I’m here for the lesson,
JANET: “eeeehhmmm onihaxy” did I get it right?
ME: yes
JANET: see I’m tired oooo. I’m not sure I will do lesson
today. I have been dancing since. If not for sikirat who
told me that it seems someone is knocking, I wouldn’t have
known you are outside
ME: ****chaii, omo see sense, this sikirat wise oooo****. Ok
jane, so what will happen now.
JANET: maybe you should wait for gideon to be back from
school. Then you should teach him.
ME: ok
JANET: what should I offer you?
ME: ****why dis girl dey act nice this time na?****. I’m ok
I waited for gideon and I thought him mathematics. I
continued the lesson since that day. Janet will skip lessons
most times and I dare not tell mummy. Sikiratwill sneak to
call me. She said aunty janet and mummy must not
catch her. Most times, we will do midnite call, we do talk
about everything except sex. I guess she doesn’t want to
bring it up and I wasn’t interested neither. I would still prefer
janet to sikirat any day. until one day when sikirat said she
wants to tell me something.
ME: hello sikirat, u said you wanted to tell me Something.
SIKIRAT: please I need your help. I don’t know if you will
help me,
ME: just say it first.
SIKIRAT:. I wanted a service that I can’t afford to pay for
ME: what service dear?
SIKIRAT: I’m shy to say it.
ME: just say it dear
SIKIrAT: emmmmm ehhmmmm eeehhmmm. You see, I
dropped out at JSS2. I have passion to go to school but my
parents don’t have the capacity. A sister who brought me to
akure from ilorin promised my parents to send me to
school. Only to end up renting me out madam when we
reach akure. I still want education
ME: you mean you want to go back to school?
SIKIRAT: not really
ME: so what do you want?
SIKIRAT: I want you to be teaching me lesson but I don’t
have money to pay.
ME: that’s not a problem sikirat. Whenever I come next, I
will be
teaching you when I’m through with janet and gideon
SIKIRAT: no oooo, mummy and aunty janet will not support
it, they hate me so much, infact, they might send me
out of the house.
ME: so what do you want us to do?
SIKIRAT: I will be coming to your house
ME: *****my heart skipped beat*****. When and how?
SIkiRAT: I used to go to market to buy house needs every 5
days. I can spend like 2hrs at your place before going to
market. And also on friday nights. Everyone used to go to
vigil and I am always the only one at home with the
gateman, I can always come around… Abi ur wife will not
support it?
ME: looolz, wife kee?, I have not married, and I’m not in any
relationship for now.
SIKIRAT: you mean you don’t have any girlfriend?
ME: yes
SIKiRaT: thank God oooo, no one will say I want to use
lesson to snatch her boyfriend.
After the conversation, I was wondering how midnite
lessons will look like. Chaiiii, sikirat no go kill oooo….
The following week started. Sikira resumed lesson at my
house every 5 market days. She will stop by and spend
between one hour to two hours before going to market. I
was not sexually attracted to sikirat because of her mode of
dressing which is. extremely local. I told her about her
dressing and she said there is nothing she can do about it.
Ok, I told her that I will buy new cloths for her, she said she
won’t be able to wear them because its madam that always
buy the clothing for her and she dare not put on anything
that doesn’t come from madam. **chaiii, this madam is
wicked ooooo, she just wanted to kill the beauty in this
sikiratu, I thought**.
Whenever sikirat is around, I would take her basic english
and maths, and I gained something new in return, sikirat will
branch at my place when coming back from the market, she
will give me part of the food stuffs, beef and fruit she is
suppose to carry to madam. I started eating good meal
courtesy of sikiratu, since the day1 of her lesson, I have
been enjoying the same meal as that of the white house.
Most times, sikirat will cook the soup for me before going
back home. Yet, I don’t have the mindset of having sex with
her because she isn’t sexually attractive. We had problem
with the friday night classes because madam and the family
always come back from church by 5am and sikirat must be
met at home, so we suspended the night tutorials. Janet
was still skipping class as usual. From 5 classes to 4, then
to 3, now she attends only 2 classes in a week.

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