Tale Of A Private Lesson Teacher - Episode 5

Before I could get to the door, sikirat had opened the main
door. You are welcome “she said”.
She took me straight to her room. She has kept a plate of
rice and meat for me. She said “that is the food I’m
supposed to eat, but I decided to eat the remnants from the
pot and keep this for you.”. Haba, u shouldn’t have done
that now, why starving yourself? I said. She replied, you
deserve more than that, infact you deserve everything in this
world. For you to tutor me free of charge, agreed to pay oga
peter 5k monthly and also risk your life to be
here at nights, u deserved everything. I was marvelled. I
never knew I have done something that important.
After eating.. I marked her previous assignment. We did
little of mathematics till 11:10pm. Sikirat said she is tired
and wanted to have her bath then go to bed. I said ok. Just
infront of me, sikirat untied her wrapper from her waist and
removed her top. Oh my GOD!!!, she didn’t wear anything
inside. For the first time, I saw
the real beauty in sikirat. She was so endowed with a
average bosom but not up to that of janet. The Bottom
were so shaped and the tips were pointed. My dick
resurrected again but I had to stylishly cover it. ME: haba, sikirat, you don’t even care that I’m here, see how
you are unclad
Sikirat:. **laughs***. Why will I be afraid?, you are a special
part of me. I know you like aunty janet and don’t like me
because you are educated and I am a poor house girl.
ME: its not like that sikirat, if I don’t like you, I won’t risk my
life to be here this night.
Sikirat: but you don’t admire me and always touch me each
time I come to your place.
ME: I’m shy ni. Because you are older than me
SIkiRAT: and you are educated than me. So who is higher
between the two of us?.
We laughed as she enters the bathroom to shower. In less
than 6 minutes, she was out, tieing a towel and still saw me
fully dressed in my jean trousers and roundneck. Oga
teacher!, is this how you want to sleep with your dress on?
She said. I’m ok like this, I replied. She said “no oooo, there
is heat”. She came closer, unbutton my shirt, removes my
singlets, in the process, her towel loosed. OMG!!, sikirat is
naturally beautiful without cloths.
She looks sexier and younger. I don’t know where the
courage came from. I pull her head closer and kissed her.
She responded an kissed me passionately. I grabbed her
bosom, began to suck, squeeze and press. She was
moaning softly and helping to unzip my trousers. She
removes my trousers while I suck her. I licked her down to
the abdomen and down to the kitten. Sikirat is clean and
shaved. I teased her clits with my tongue, insert one finger
into the hole, increased it to 2 and to 3. She was making
heavy sound. Ouuuuuuch yeeaaaaaaah. At a time, she was
releasing juice. I continue teasing the clit with my tongue
and her moan was increasing. She pushed my back to the
bed. Removed my trousers and sucked me. OMG!!, sikirat
gave the best orals I have ever had in my life. She sucked all
the balls, shafts and tips. I cummed in her mouth. She
swallowed it and continued sucking till I was erected again.
Then she lied beside me and said “oga teacher, come and
fuccck me”. But I don’t have a condom here. I replied. She
said “oooh God. Can’t you do it without condom?”. I said NO
because oga peter warned me that you should not be
pregnant. She laughed. She removed the rubber band on her
hair and then walked Unclad to the kitchen. I still don’t know
what she is up to with the rubber band. She came back with
a small white nylon. She wore the nylon on my dick, then
Insert the rubber band at the bottom of my erected dick
”****chaiii, this girl too get sense. Omo seee improvised
condom for here ooooo****. Now wey you don wear cap,
come Bleep me abeg, sikirat said.
Without wasting much time. I lean forward to her. Started
on a missionary style. In out in out. She was enjoying it and
she later raised her left leg up, followed by the right leg.
Both legs were up now giving me chanced for
full penetration. She continued moaning as I was digging.
We switched to woman on top, to canine, to reverse cow
girl, to scissors before be both cum. Sikirat was so tight
despite her age. We both entered into the bathroom to have
a shower. On seeing her Bottom again. My dick resurrected.
She saw it and smiled. She knelt down on her kneel and
gave me a good blow.job with a deep sucking. I cummed in
her mouth and she spit it out. We both went back to bed and
sleep. I woke up and sneaked out as planned. We continued
this exercise for the next 6 weeks. We will meet at my house
on market days for lessons alone. Then meet at the white
house for sex and lesson. Not until one friday night at the
white house. We were inside doing our normal routing until
when armed robber arrived at the compound
that night.

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