TV Series Set to Expose Albert Einstein As a Cold-Hearted S*x Fiend...See Details

Albert Einstein has been known to be a venerable scholar with awesome command of incredible knowledge. However a new TV series is set to expose the man in a whole new light. 
Albert Einstein
Science students, teachers and TV viewers alike are set to see Albert Einstein the way they have never perceived him to be!
In a tease from new show entitled Genius, the eccentric intellect is seen in a very steamy s*x scene with his secretary.
Gone is the man with a shock of white hair that stands on end, and replaced is a dapper man with a mop of curly brown hair.
In the trailer, Einstein is seen kissing and fondling the brunette woman, telling her she “is the one.”
Petticoats can be seen lifted and, the physicist can been seen straddling his latest love.
The series has been directed by Ron Howard, and is the first fully scripted drama by National Geographic.
This 10-episode series is set to examine a different brilliant figure in each instalment – with Einstein the first to be looked at.
It will show that while he was brilliant at understanding nuances of nuclear fission, he was a cold-hearted pleasure seeker when it came to s*x.
Oscar-winning film-maker Ron said: “Einstein’s private life is way more complicated and dramatic than I realised.

“He loved the world and women — and he felt that was a real energy force in the universe.”

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