Nigerian Boxing Legend, Bash Ali Accuses Lagos State Govt Of Snubbing Him To Invite Evander Holyfield


Boxing legend, Bash Ali is not happy with Lagos State government for snubbing him to invite former American World Heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield for an exhibition boxing match with former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu

 The five-time World Cruiserweight and Heavyweight boxing champion was invited by Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode as part of activities celebrates the Golden Jubilee anniversary of the state.

Taking to Facebook to lament, Bash Ali who is a Lagos State Indigene condemned the government for snubbing despite his contribution to the economy growth in Nigeria through sport.

See people’s reactions;

Andrea said; bash alli is not a boxing legend. none of the titles that he has held are from organizations that are recognized. he has been a boxing scam all his life. carrying titles that are useless.

AbokiDaWarriBoy said; Ogbeni you lost the right to claim national hero when you started stalking the sports ministry and creating public nuisance to the point you have gotten arrested several times.Your outbursts over the years are well documented and have never been nationalist in nature,so take several seats!

Anonymous said; Never the less he has a point, AJ won and Nigeria was all over him,if this man claims are right we Should celebrate our heros instead of abadon them,Seriouly lagos state Should have reconize him,As well as encouraging others like him,am not against the invite of holyfield if he rocks tinubu’s both ,well that is their broke cup of coffee

hrm paul said; Chai why dem for get bash Ali dey for just invite am give am small bread joe lasisi and dick tiger werre d best not bash ali

Anonymous said; Bash Ali abeg! which labor of heroes past? you be hero? haha

Anonymous said; We “Googled” his name but couldn’t find much on his “boxing titles” and opponents.

Anonymous said; Mr Alli, you were supposed to have saved for the rainy day like everyone else. Abi dem no pay you after you won all those your “world tittle” fights? Your own belts are different from those held by Mohammed Ali, Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, etc who were paid handsomely after each successful bouts? Did you spend your own winnings on champagne and the high~life, and if yes, why is your being ass~broke any one’s problem but yours? I don’t get it whenever I see people make this ridiculous claim they are not being taken care of in their twilight years after doing this or that for Nigeria.
They gave you a national honour, OON, didn’t they? Perhaps one day, Davido or Tu-Face will be bothering us to take care of them because their music put Nigeran on the world map or spotlight. Perhaps someday, footballers like Kanu Nwankwo, Odegbami, Jay Jay Okocha, etc will wake up and start to whine that Nigeria owes them a lifetime pension or something equally ridiculous, all because they had at some time represented the country. If you failed to invest your earnings well in your youth, you are destined for a painful twilight years.

You are beginning to be rather annoying with your constant shenanigans. Abeg , go back to your village and be a farmer, if you can no longer afford your rents in Lagos. Your drama don too much.


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