LADIES COME AND LEARN: How to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

Driving your boyfriend crazy is the way to make your relationship more sexy, fun and dynamic. If you want to drive your boyfriend wild or crazy and to make him want you more, then you have to be adventurous, sexy and bold. By doing this, you can keep things fresh and exciting. Every girl wants to drive her boyfriend crazy in the bedroom. There is nothing more interesting than adding a dash of spice to your lust life. Keep reading this article, you will get some tricks that not only drive your boyfriend crazy but also strengthen your relationship.

Best Tips to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy:

1.) Surprise Your Man in Shower

If you want to be bold then surprise your boyfriend in the shower. This will be the spontaneous, delightful and unexpected treat for him. When he goes into the shower, tell him he is so sexy, give him a kiss and say something exciting or seductive to make him want you.
  • When he goes into the shower, wait for a few seconds and then knock the door.
  • Tell him that you are taking off your clothes and also you would like to take a shower.
  • Step into the shower and start kissing his mouth and neck. Caress his body and see how excited he is.

2.) Take Control of Him

Taking control of him is the best way to be bold. Choose a night to take a complete control of him. Drag your boyfriend up the stairs and then into your bedroom. Tell him exactly what you want from him. Be firm about what you desire and see how turned on he gets.
  • Take your boyfriend into the bedroom, tell him to lie down and then take control of him.
  • Have fun with your boyfriend.

3.) Send Him Dirty Texts

Sending dirty texts is a great way to remind your guy of how sexy you are when you are not around. If you both are apart for a day or some days, sending a few dirty texts is the perfect way to make your guy want you.
  • Choose the time when you know you both will be alone and unoccupied especially at night.
  • Send something like, “I can’t stop thinking about last night or “I want you.”
  • Tell him what you are wearing or ask him what he is wearing.
  • You can also talk dirty in person as it is the great way to drive your boyfriend crazy. When you are going to hooking up, throw in a dirty phrase and drive your guy wild. Tell him what you want him to do, how much you love him or how much you love his body. Like, tell him, “I like it when you kiss my lips or my neck.”

4.) Do a Striptease

A striptease is not only for the strippers. Enjoy with your boyfriend. Get your boyfriend to bed, dim the lights and walk into the room. Wear sexy lingerie, high heels and wear a long button down shirt or any other sexy dress that you can remove easily. Now, strip down to your underwear while using a chair as a prop so that your man can see you while you remove your clothes.
  • Remove each article of clothing and throw it at your man.
  • Place one foot on the chair so that your boyfriend can adore your legs.
  • Turn around and move your hips and bend down so that your boyfriend can see your body from behind.
  • Have fun with your boyfriend with a sexy smile.

5.) Give a Lap Dance to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

A lap dance is the best way to turn on a guy. Sit with your boyfriend down on a chair, play some sexy music and have fun getting on his lap. Tease him, dance around the chair and bend over with your back so that he can see your body. Tease your boyfriend by kissing him a little bit.

6.) Look Sexy to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

You have to look crazy to drive your man wild. Dress provocatively or you should look sexy to turn on your man. Don’t wear a ton of makeup. Try to create smoky eyes with dark mascara and eye shadow and wear a bit of lip gloss or lip balm to get attention to your lips. Wear flattering clothes that fit you well and show off your body. If you want to look sexy then dress really provocatively from time to time. Get sexy garments which make your man more turned on.

7.) Kiss His Neck to Turn on Your Guy

Kissing your boyfriend’s neck will drive him crazy and will want him to take things to the next level. Kissing his neck, his cheeks will make him crave you. Kiss the side of his neck or nibbling on his ears. You can also lightly licking his neck. Also, kiss him on the lips and kiss his neck. This will drive your man crazy.

8.) Give Him a Sexy Massage

Nothing is sexier than giving your boyfriend sensual massage. You don’t need to plan it. Wait for him to sit down, get behind him and start kneading his muscles harder and start caressing his shoulders until he moans with pleasure. You can run your fingers on his head, back and then sides.

9.) Try New Moves in the Bedroom

You can be adventurous in your own bed or home. If you are hooking up in the same position then mix things up next time. Don’t be always on top and your boyfriend is on the bottom. You should switch the role from time to time. Trying out new moves is the best way to keep things fresh and exciting. Make sure that you are not doing anything that makes you uncomfortable.

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