RELATIONSHIP TIPS FOR LADIES: How to Be the Girl All Guys Want

Making all guys want you is a very common issue that many women think about it. Some girls do it because they get tired of being single or some do this because they see guys they like and want him to reciprocate. Everyone knows what a guy wants in a girlfriend; a best friend, a soul mate etc. There are other more qualities that guys secretly want in a girlfriend. Those qualities nobody ever tells you about. Those qualities you will find in this article. So keep reading this article to get the useful tips to be the girl all guys want.
Guys always want a good girl so that they can introduce her to their mother. There are also bad girls that every guy secretly fantasizes about. But every guy knows bad girls are not of their type. After all, bad girls are frustrating, unpredictable and fickle. Such type of girls is not meant for a long-term relationship. So being a girl with all good traits is the way to get a guy to like you or want you.

Best Ways to Be the Girl All Guys Want:

1.) Show off Your Great Personality

Showing off great personality is the good way to be the girl all guys want. Positive personality traits can cause someone to feel attracted towards you. Try to find your positive personality traits and let them show off. If you think that you have something that you need to work on then it is okay. Like, if you are shy then you need to work on being outgoing. If you are short temper then you need to control your anger.

2.) Take Care of Yourself to Be a Girl All the Guys Want

Guys are more attracted to girls who take good care of themselves. Obviously, you can’t change your looks too much. So take your time to groom yourself well every day. There are some things that you need to increase your attractiveness like styling your hair, showering every day, wearing clean clothes and brushing your teeth.

3.) Highlight Your Best Features

Guys’ preferences about body type and looks vary widely. Embrace your figure and features and try to highlight them as much as you can.
  • If you have beautiful eyes then emphasize them with eye makeup. If you have hot legs then opt for short skirts and shorts to show them off.
  • If want to wear a little makeup then you can do it. Wearing makeup will increase the men’s perception of attractiveness. You can try wearing a clear lip gloss and a bit of brown mascara that brings out your natural beauty.

4.) Wear a Pair of High Heels

High heels make men feel more attracted to women. Since high heels are not comfortable but you can save them for special occasions such as a school dance, party etc. You can also try lower high heels.
  • Girls who wear red seem more attractive to some guys. You don’t need to wear red all the time but you can wear a red top or add a pop of red with an accessory.
  • If you like, you can add a pop of red to your outfit every day with a pair of red earrings, a red scarf or red lipstick.

5.) Make Eye Contact to Be the Girl All the Guys Want

Making an eye contact is the best way to show a guy that you are interested in him and smiling shows that you are approachable and happy. When you are around a guy who you think is cute, try to lock eyes with him for a few seconds and give him a smile. This shows that you would like to speak with him. You might feel awkward the first time but remember he is probably nervous too.

6.) Try to Mirror a Guy When You Talk to Him

Mirroring is something when you adopt a similar posture to the person with whom you are talking. Try to slightly touch his hands or elbow. If you do this, then this shows that you are interested and it will increase the feelings of closeness.
  • Try to use mirroring when you are getting to know a guy you like.
  • Don’t imitate every move your conversation partner makes. Just do it occasionally.

7.) Start a Conversation

If you want to strike up a conversation with a guy then you don’t need to wait for him to talk to you. Say simply “Hello.” If he responds with a good smile then he probably wants to talk to you. If he ignores you or gives a rude answer with no facial recognition, then look for someone else.
  • Ask questions to keep your conversation going. You can ask him about his day or interests. This shows that you are interested in him.

8.) Be a Good Listener to Be the Girl All the Guys Want

Being a good listener is important when you talk to guys. This seem more attractive if you have the ability to show that you are interested and pay close attention to what a guy says. If you are a good listener then you can be the girl all guys want.
  • Try to repeat back what a guy says and then show him that you were paying attention.
  • Give an occasional nod that will show that you hear and understand what he is saying.
  • Never use your phone or look away when you are talking to a guy you like because it shows that you are not interested in him.

9.) Confident and Independent

Being confident is the most important trait in a girl. A confident girl can be the girl all guys want. Guys want girls who are happy with. If you keep your head high then notice how many guys will notice you.
  • Guys want to be with girls who stand up for themselves and can take care of themselves.
  • Guys need girls who are capable of living life without him and live life with him.

10.) Have a Good Sense of Humor

Having a good sense of humor is the good way to be the girl all guys want. A good sense of humor really means something to guys. Guys like girls who are cheerful and make them laugh. When you talk to a guy you like, show your sense of humor.

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