Reverend Father Walks Out Unhurt After His Car Somersaulted 3 Times in Fatal Road Crash in Enugu (Photos)

A Catholic reverend father has escaped death by the whiskers after his car somersaulted three times without him getting hurt. 
The car was wrecked in the tragic accident
It was a miracle yesterday after a Reverend Father name withheld escaped a tragic road accident after his car somersaulted three times in Enugu state.
Writing about the miracle, Fanta Boy Ekwem said: "Not even a wound on any of them..... God you are great.
It was a miracle and a thing of great Thanksgiving to God as this car lost control b along PH-Enugu express way around 6:30pm yesterday and somersaulted three times ending up downwards, the Catholic 'Rev. Fr.' (name with-held) came out unhurt with other four passengers without any casualty. To God be the glory. Amen."

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