See What Will Happen to a Man Who Threatened to Kill Former US President, Barack Obama

An American man has has been convicted by a court of law in the United states for threatening to kill ex-President Barack Obama.
Former US President Barack Obama
A United States citizen has found himself in serious trouble after he threatened to kill former President Barack Obama. 
The man identified as Alex Hernandez, of Worcester has been sentenced to more than three years in prison after pleading guilty to a federal charge of threatening to kill Obama.
Hernandez pleaded guilty in May to a charge of threatening to kill and inflict bodily harm upon Obama when he was president. Hernandez was sentenced to 37 months Wednesday, according to a report by AFP.
Federal agents had in 2015 launched an investigation after intelligence revealed that Hernandez told another inmate he wanted to kill Obama in a "lone-wolf style attack." the report said.
He will now serve his sentenced together with the one he is already serving for a drug-related crime he committed in 2011.

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