Young Lady Connives With Her Mother to Kill Her Own Father in Their Home...You Won't Believe Why

A young lady has connived with her own mother to kill her father after getting upset with the man over an altercation.
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Lucy Awinja, a witness has told a Kenyan High Court that a daughter killed her father for telling her to look for a husband.
According to SDE, Lucy Awinja told the court in Kakamega that she witnessed Monica Khahongeli and her mother, Florence Ayodi Mang’ale assault Moses Kube on December 16, 2014.
Ms Awinja said she intervened to stop the two who were armed with a panga and a stick from assaulting the man of the house.

“The victim was pleading for help and we intervened. He had asked Ms Khahongeli, who was living with her two children in his compound to look for a husband and leave the home for her younger siblings, which did not go down well with the daughter,” Awinja told the court.
She told the court the accused attacked the old man with the help of her mother, adding that Mrs Khahongeli had sometime developed some mental problem but on the material day, she seemed fit.

“When she was delivering her third child, she developed some mental problem, which used to make her scream at times,” Awinja added.
She said Okwoku had serious injuries on the head, legs and was bleeding through the nose.
He was, however, not taken to the hospital until the following day.

“The father said, ‘you have killed me’ after we separated him from his daughter and wife who were attacking him. We carried him to the house with neighbours who had come to respond to the screams,” she told the court.
Samson Omung’ala, a brother of the victim, said he heard Kube scream as he was attending a funeral.
His colleagues asked him to remain behind and instead sent a friend to see what the matter was.

“I was in the neighbourhood with some men preparing for the burial of our neighbour. One man offered to go and came with a report that I too would be attacked if I went,” Omung’ala told the court.
Judge Jesse Njagi adjourned the case to October 31.

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