Beautiful Woman Gets Chopped in Half Inside Hospital Lift Shortly After Giving Birth (Photo)

Family and friends have been left completely saddened as woman got chopped in half just shortly after giving birth to her baby.
Rocio Cortes Nunez
This is Rocio Cortes Nunez, a woman who died after apparently being chopped in half in a hospital lift.
According to Metro UK, the woman is believed to have been on a stretcher when the lift went up from level two to level three of the Valme Hospital in Seville, Southern Spain.
Rocio Cortes Nunez, who lives near Seville and is a mother of three, and had just given birth to a girl via cesarean section when she died.
Her brother-in-law, David Gaspar, said: ‘It’s incredible. We still can’t believe what’s happened. Something has to happen. This cannot go unpunished.’
According to her relatives the doors malfunctioned after a hospital porter tried to change lifts.
The doors had opened and closed twice without the lift moving. As he moved her out of the lift it started going up and he was unable to pull her back in on time.
It took two hours for firefighters to release her body with her head trapped between the lift frame and the roof while her feet were left dangling in the lift shaft.
Regional health minister Marina Alvarez said the accident was ‘quick, unusual and tragic’ adding that the lift had last been insepected on August 12.
Her baby was with her at the time but was unharmed by the tragedy.

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