Gay Passenger Allegedly Tries to Seduce Taxi Driver in Abuja Only for This to Happen (Photos+Video)

A serious fight has taken place after a gay man reportedly tried to seduce a taxi driver in Abuja.
The gay man had a quarrel with the cab driver
There was drama this morning in Wuse, Zone 4, around Febson Hotel in Abuja, after a cab driver and a gay passenger were spotted in a heated argument.
The cab driver accused the gay man of attempting to seduce him.
In a report by OakTv, when the cab driver refused, things took a sad turn as the two began exchanging words.  The gay man who couldn't control himself began saying "I dey f*ck for y*nsh, then they f*ck me for y*nsh, Na man I be, Na my business, I no dey shame”.
The cab driver, who simply identifies himself as Israel while narrating the experience said: “the guy stopped me, he told me I should take him to heritage and we agreed on N500 for the fare. Later he said he wanted to sit in the front and I allowed him. At the front, he started touching me, he said everywhere dry, make I go feel you?

"I agreed to go with him to Zone 4, unknown to him I already knew he is a man. When we got to zone 4, he wanted to run then I grabbed him and he bit me in return.”
Their uproar attracted huge passersby that decided to intervene in the subject matter.
Watch video below:

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