Heartbreaking: See the Dad Who Died After His Son was Fatally Hit by a Stray Bullet in His Room

A man has tragically died after his son to whom he was really close perished after being fatally struck by a stray bullet.
The father and son were extremely close (Picture: GoFundMe)
According to a Metro UK report, a father tragically died of a ‘broken heart’ after his son was killed by a stray bullet.
Duro Akil was rushed to hospital after a stray bullet flew through his flat on the evening of August 7 and hit him in the chest, puncturing his lung.
The 34-year-old died from his injuries in hospital two days later.
When family members went to break the news to his father Okera Ras, a 54-year-old Fox News video producer, they found him dead in the Bronx, New York flat the father and son had shared together.
Ras’ family said they believe he died of a broken heart, as he was extremely close to his son.
According to the New York Daily News, a neighbour had become embroiled in a gunfight when a stray bullet flew through Akil’s door.
Duro Akil was tragically killed by a stray bullet that flew into his flat (Picture: GoFundMe)
Akil, a father-of-two and a food deliveryman, was rushed to the Jacobi Medical Centre suffering from a punctured lung.
A cousin told Fox News that, although Ras initially hoped his son would be able to recover from the gunshot wound, it soon transpired that the injuries were more serious than he had thought.
After Akil died in hospital, his family returned to the flat the father and son had shared – only to find that Ras was also dead.
Makini Akil, Ras’ daughter, told the NY Daily News: ‘It was like something out of a movie scene.We were in the middle of the street screaming. In shock. It was really too much for him. It was really like heartbreak.’
A GoFundMe page, set up by the family to raise money for a life celebration for both men, read: ‘Everyone who knew Duro loved his upbeat spirit and peaceful nature. Being a father was one of his greatest achievements. He was an awesome and loving Dad. He cherished his two daughters.

‘As a dedicated father, Okera supported his children unconditionally and always provided a listening ear. In the community, Okera always gave to others with a smile and nurturing spirit.

‘His selfless nature was a benefit to many. Okera was the man behind the scenes that put everything together.’

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