If Your Boyfriend Cheats on You, Put Menstruation Blood in His Stew - Nigerian Woman Advises

A Nigerian woman has come under fire after she advised women to handle cheating boyfriends by putting menstruation blood in their food.
Sophia Gold
A Nigerian woman has caused serious outburst on social media after she urged women to put menstruation blood in the stew of any of their boyfriends if they find out that the man is cheating. 
The woman identified as Sophia Gold who gave the new advise, said cheating boyfriends should not be allowed to go scot-free.
Many people have found that talk to be very repulsive because it is only someone who is truly evil that would do such a thing. Some have advocated leaving such a relationship instead of resorting to such an unhealthy and evil venture.
However, the backlash she got from her Facebook friends forced her to delete the post on her page.

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