See What Police Did to Man Who Protested at Abuja House in London for Buhari to Return to Nigeria (Photos+Video)

A Nigerian man, Jonathan Goodluck Oberia has staged a peaceful protest at the Abuja House in London only for police to show up.
Jonathan Goodluck Oberia protesting at the Abuja House in London
A Nigerian man identified as Jonathan Goodluck Oberia who is based in the United Kingdom has staged a one man protest in London asking President Muhammadu Buhari to return to Nigeria having spent over 90 days in the country.
Oberia revealed that while protesting, Buhari's stewards called the police. He wrote: "Today I went to Abuja house to ask Buhari to return back to Nigeria. He is no longer welcomed here in the UK. Buhari's stewards called the police during my visit to Abuja House, who re-emphasized after coming that I hadn't broken any UK laws."
Buhari's special adviser on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie had yesterday said that police dispersed some people who came to protest at the Abuja House in London. 
"Four people turned up. Neighbours called the Police. As they had no Police Permit to hold a rally. They took to their heels.
One of them said he had no money to pay his way back home. Our man who was on hand to monitor the situation, gave him £5. He was happy and went home," Onochie had said.
Many people have expressed different opinions over the allegations by Onochie as some noted that policemen in London behave in a civilized manner as such do not see why protesters would run away when what they are doing is backed by the law. 
Commenters have noted that Oberia's photos while posing with police officers who obviously were around while he peacefully protested suggests that Lauretta might have been economical with the truth.

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