You Won't Believe What Happened to a Woman After Breaking Her Son's Legs While Changing His Nappy

A young woman has been made to pay for her wrongdoing after she broke her own son's legs while she was changing his nappy.
The mother has been jailed for a year and four months at Swansea Crown Court (Picture: PA)
According to a Metro UK report, a young mum has been jailed for breaking her son’s legs while changing his nappy.
The baby was grabbed by the ankles while he was ‘wriggling and twisting’ on a mat, resulting in him fracturing his legs.
He was sent straight to hospital after a doctor spotted the injuries during a routine check-up five days later, Swansea Crown Court heard.
Prosecutor Paul Hobson said: ‘The amount of force used must have been considerable – babies’ legs do not just break.
‘She lied to her parents about it and refused to give doctors any useful information on how the injuries had been caused.’
Mr Hobson said the mother, who is in her twenties but cannot be named, made up explanations for the baby’s injuries.
She claimed he got his legs stuck under a table, and that he hurt them on a baby bouncer.
The court heard that the mother had previous children removed by social services.
The mother, from Swansea, admitted grievous bodily harm and was jailed for a year and four months.
Judge Peter Heywood said: ‘A significant amount of force must have been involved to cause the injuries to the infant’s bones.’

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