Hunters Catch and Kill One of the Biggest Alligators Ever Caught (Photo)

Some hunters have cleverly tracked and killed one of the biggest alligators that has ever been caught.
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According to a Metro UK report, some American hunters have caught one of the biggest alligators on record.
Chris Bishop, Hal Camp Jr. and Shane Milstead were scouting Kissimmee River, Florida, USA, over the weekend when they discovered the 13ft-long monster.
Bishop told TCPALM: ‘Usually, big gators don’t make any bubbles, but I think this one was so big it was making a bubble trail as it walked on the bottom of the river.
‘So with my spinning rod — the same kind I use for catching snook, tarpon or cobia — I made a cast about five feet ahead of it, and as I reeled the treble hook back to the boat, I felt it snag the gator. It just grabbed the bottom and held on.
‘That’s when we knew we had a big gator — when we had two hooks in the gator with two men on rods and couldn’t get it to move.’
After battling with the gator, they eventually managed to pulled it up from the bottom of the water.
They started to realize the sheer size of it as it came to the surface.
Bishop continued: ‘When we saw how big he was, then we got nervous about landing him.
‘Hal was right next to me and put a harpoon dart into its neck. I was able to grab the rope from the harpoon and pull it closer to us, and Shane hit it perfectly with the bang stick, ending the fight.’
The gator is so big that it’s weight maxed out the scales. The trio estimate it to weigh around 750 pounds or possible more.
The biggest alligator to have ever been recorded in Florida is 14ft and 3.5inches from Lake Washington in 2010.

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